Note: From ITER Bioclimatic Houses we recommend that before proceeding to the acceptance of the contract; carefully review the details of your reservation, as well as the conditions detailed below.

This document aims to regulate the general terms and conditions that constitute an integral part of the tourist accommodation stipulated contract between you, and “ITER Bioclimatic Houses” belonging to the mercantile society Institute of Technology and Energy Renewable, ITER, S.A., located at Polígono Industrial de Granadilla 38600 Tenerife, with CIF: A-38259115.
The terms “You”, “User” and “Guest” are used here to make reference to all individuals and/or entities that for any reason may have access to https://casas.iter.es/en or to any request for stay in “ITER bioclimatic houses” and the services included in it.
The use of these services, will entail the full acceptance, and validity of each and every one of the Terms and General Conditions – which will be considered automatically incorporated in the contract signed with ITER SA, without being necessary its transcription – collected in the latest updated version of these Terms and General Conditions.
ITER Bioclimatic Houses reserves the right to change these contracting Terms and General Conditions, informing of the changes made through https://casas.iter.es/en.
In the event of a violation of the previously mentioned obligations, ITER Bioclimatic Houses, by with their own criteria has the right to ask the GUEST to leave the property, and the GUEST is not entitled to claim any kind of compensation.
1. User Obligations
The user declares that he/she understands and fully accepts the present General Conditions and agrees with them; the user specifically states that:
a) He/she is over age and has legal capacity to contract the services offered on this Web site.
b) He/she is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered as GUEST during the registration, information which must be true and complete
c) He/she declares the right number of people who will occupy the Bioclimatic House.
d) He/she is authorized to complete the form on behalf of all the members of the group included in the reservation.
e) Once the reservation is complete, the electronic document will be filed; the GUEST can access it at any time.
f) He/she is committed to use the services according to the law, moral, good customs and public order, as well as with the provisions of the present contracting Terms and General Conditions. As a result, he/she is obliged not to use the services for illicit purposes or effects and/or in contrary to what is established in the present contracting Terms and General Conditions in any way that might adversely affect the rights and interests of third parties and/or can damage the services and/or its image.
g) He/she is committed to compliance with the specific rules of the tourist establishment.

2. Description of the service
The service includes the use of the houses that make up the “ITER Bioclimatic Houses” project, as well as the provision of the offered complementary services; all this, in exchange for a monetary compensation, and for the period of stay contracted in each case.
The service includes initial cleaning; a basic welcome pack; water and electricity consumption; one cleaning service every seven nights of stay; and a final cleaning after leaving the House.
ITER will be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the house, change of linen, the supply of the service of light, water, etc.; all of this in accordance with the indications contained in the current regulations in this regard.
When ending the stay and leaving the house, the GUEST must take out the trash, let the crockery clean and empty the refrigerator. Otherwise, the GUEST will be charged with a penalty fee standing for a final cleaning, amounting to 80 EUROS (€80).
In every case, the GUEST will be provided with basic information in documentary form about the bioclimatic aspects of the houses that make up the project.
The price of the service does not include any kind of insurance whatsoever, travel, theft, accident or civil liability resulting from the action of the client to other persons or things. ITER Bioclimatic Houses is not responsible for any event that could happen to the customer in the situations described in or out of the rental unit.
GUESTS will only be allowed within the areas marked as accessible in the map attached in Annex 1. Other areas are of restricted access unless they are visited within a guided tour led by ITER´s staff.
ITER declines any responsibility for incidents that may occur in areas of restricted access where the GUEST could access voluntarily and without authorization.
3. Offers
Offers will only be valid during the period established in the web site, or failing that, during the time that they are accessible to clients for effective engagement.
4. Execution of the contract
For those users who directly book with ITER, the contract remains closed binding once the payment process of the reservation is successfully completed. For the rest of users, equally when the payment of the reservation is completed.
5. Terms of use
All the rights and obligations listed, both in the general and in the particular conditions, are immediately applicable to the person making the reservation as well as to the other persons who will make use of the housing, all of which should provide their name and passport number or personal identification prior to arrival. All persons (including children) to stay at ITER Bioclimatic Houses must have personal identification document. This documentation will be requested upon arrival to the facility and its delivery will constitute an essential requirement of access the housing.
The only persons allowed in the houses and making use of the services will be those appearing on the reservation. The unexpected arrival to the accommodation of a greater number of GUESTS than those confirmed in the reservation will be subject to the non-admission law of ITER Bioclimatic Houses, and in any case, the admission will entail the payment of the appropriate supplement per extra person.
Pets are not allowed.
ITER Bioclimatic Houses reserves the right to change the booked house to another one with similar conditions in the exceptional case that it would be necessary due to internal operations of data acquisition, technical reasons or for reasons of force majeure. In this case, the change will be informed as far in advance as possible.
In one night stays, changes may be made for occupation reasons; in this case, the GUEST will be informed as early as possible within the Customer Service working hours.
If the GUEST wants to change the booked house, he/she must previously pay the amount corresponding to the change. This option will only be provided when the availability of ITER Bioclimatic Houses allows it.
This service is subject to the following conditions that the GUEST declares to know, understand and accept:
5.1. Check in and Check out:
In order to make use of the house, the GUEST must previously make a full payment of the stay as well as offer a guarantee of adequate behaviour during the stay.
ITER Bioclimatic Houses may, however, refuse the admission of the GUEST and even expel him/her from the establishment when he/she:
a) violates the internal rules of access and movement within ITER´s facilities
b) fails to meet standards of good social coexistence; and or,
c) intends to use the facilities for purposes other than those stipulated
As a general rule and unless expressly agreed otherwise, the houses may be used from 14:30 hours on the day of the arrival and must be released before 10:00 o’clock of the day of departure. The reservation is guaranteed until 16:30 hours on the day of the arrival. In the event that the user foresees the arrival to the house at a different hour, he/she must communicate it as soon as possible.
Checkouts after 10:00 and Check-ins before 14:30 should be agreed between the parties. In this case, an extra cost could be added to the initial price of the stay.
The GUEST should inform at least one week prior to the arrival date about the arrival times. In case any unforeseen event may occur, he/she should contact ITER Bioclimatic Houses as soon as possible.
The General Customers Service hours will be Monday to Friday from 9.00 – 13:00 h, no enquiries will be attended outside these hours. Likewise, there is an emergency phone available only for utmost importance issues that may be diminishing considerably the habitability conditions of the house.

5.2. Visits
No visits will be allowed in the houses without being previously informed to ITER Bioclimatic Houses within the hours of the Customers Service with full name and identification document of the visitors. Any visitor who might want to spend the night in the house has to be previously authorized and his/her stay has to be paid beforehand.
In the event that the GUEST allows unauthorized people in, he/she will have to assume responsibility for their actions.

5.3. Code of conduct
All visitors must behave in such a way that they do not disturb other visitors, nor ITER employees, nor interfere with the workers routine tasks, including data acquisition in the houses.
The GUEST agrees to moderate the acoustic volume, especially from 22:00, both in common areas as in the inside and outside of the houses.
It is extremely important that all visitors respect the environment of the houses, both within the grounds of ITER, S.A. and the grounds beyond.

5.4. Use and care of the house
It is prohibited to introduce any hazardous substances and in general anything that might harm the house.
It is prohibited to introduce pets inside the house, as well as feeding any animal found around the houses.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the house, being enabled the outer areas for this. The GUEST will be fully responsible of any incident that might occur inside the house due to the violation of this rule.
The furniture must be used properly. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to move it from its original site and place it in inappropriate places, this being: moving interior furnishings to the outside of the house, placing mattresses or any other elements on the floor.
Laundry cannot be hanged in windows and outdoor areas of the house that can be seen from the outside in order to avoid damaging the facade of the house.
The GUEST may not interfere or manipulate measuring devices installed in the houses under any circumstances. In all events, any requirement that involves the manipulation of the measuring elements of the house must be communicated to the reception.
ITER Bioclimatic Houses is not responsible of the theft, robbery or subtraction that might occur due to a misuse of the house.
Any damage that occurs in the house due to its careless use will entail a penalty, which will result in an automatic charge to the GUEST´S credit card for the cost of the repair; should the item be irreparable, the full cost of the damaged item will be charged.

5.5. Management of the audiovisual material

Pictures and videos taken and filmed within ITER S.A. installations will be only for personal purposes. The GUEST commits to request an authorization to ITER Bioclimatic Houses to use them for any other purpose.

6. Liability and compensation for damages

The GUEST accepts responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that may occur as a result of a non-diligent use of the facilities, including without limitation, damages, losses caused by fire, theft or criminal behaviour.

In case of damages on the furniture, the GEUST authorizes ITER Bioclimatic Houses to charge on his/her credit or debit card the amount of the repair or replacement, in case of it being irreparable.

ITER Bioclimatic Houses shall be responsible for the damages included in its civil liability insurance policy, provided that the GEUST has not acted with reckless disregard.

ITER Bioclimatic Houses assumes no legal liability for damage or loss of personal luggage, nor by the vehicles parked within the property.

ITER Bioclimatic Houses will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may occur as a result of the use made by the GUEST of the property, provided that the GUEST has not acted with the due diligence; including losses caused by fire, theft and/or criminal behaviour.

7. Reservations

Reservations can be made through the website, by email or by phone. The reservation will be formulated once the GUEST, has read and accepted both the General and the Particular Terms and conditions, which will manifest itself through the payment of 50% of the total amount of the stay. The GUEST can pay this amount both by bank transfer and with card, through the website. Once the reservation is made, ITER Bioclimatic Houses will then send a confirmation email to the GUEST, which should be read carefully. The GUEST will have 24 hours to communicate any errors in the information provided.

24 hours after the confirmation of the reservation and having paid 50% of the total amount of the stay, ITER Bioclimatic Houses will consider it has been duly formalized.

Bookings made with special rates will have specific conditions with respect to the percentage enquired to make the reservation duly formalized.

8. Cancellation & Amendment Policy.
Any change or cancellation will be subject to the following conditions:
The reservation can me modified at any time, as long as there is availability among the houses and the costs resulting of the change, if any, are paid.
GUESTS may request the cancellation of the reservation until 30 days before the check in date free of charge. In this case, the amount paid will be the refunded no sooner than 7 days from the cancellation day.
If the reservation is cancelled within the 30 days prior to the check in date, ITER Bioclimatic Houses will charge 50% of the total cost, in concept of economic penalization due to the cancellation.
If the GUEST cancels the scheduled check in day, or he/she does not show up, he/she will be charged 100% of the reservation in concept of economic penalization due to the cancellation.
In the event that the GEUST leaves the accommodation for any reason or circumstance before the end of the stay, ITER Bioclimatic Houses is exempt of any return whatsoever for this reason, charging the full amount of the stay.
This clause is not valid for the special offers. In this case, the established conditions within the offer will apply.
In all events, the cancellation has to be requested in writing sending an email to: casas.bioclimáticas@iter.es.

ITER Bioclimatic Houses may proceed to the cancellation of the reservation by force majeure, this being, when abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances may arise beyond our control, and which’s consequences could not have been avoided despite having acted with due diligence. In such a case, the reservation is void without the right to claim or compensation from the GUEST. This event will be communicated, if possible, by the same means by which the reservation was confirmed. The cancellation involves the return of the total amount paid by the GUEST.

9. Payments and pre-payments
The total value of the service must be paid in advance, paying 50% at the time of the reservation and the remaining 50% in the week prior to the check in date of the stay. In any case, before accessing the house, the GUEST must have paid 100% of the total of the stay, as well as having provided the data of his/her credit card as a guarantee of payment and good use of house.
The payment can be made two different ways:
Bank transfer payments:
The payment can be made by bank transfer to ITER S.A. bank account. Once the payment has been done, the GUEST will send a confirmation email to casas.bioclimáticas@iter.es stating the payment confirmation.
The email should include the following information:
Full name of the holder of the booking
The GUEST will pay any additional charges made by the bank in respect to the transfer.
Credit Card payments:
In case the payment is done by card, the GUEST, holder of the card comprises to bring the card before entering the house. The client comprises to bring the card and present it the day he/she arrives and to sign the corresponding receipt.
If the GUEST is not the holder of the card, and this person is not present, he/she must bring a written authorization of the payment done from the cardholder, together with a copy of his/hers ID or passport.
ITER reserves the right to require a partial or total payment in advance of group reservations, reservations made during the high season or those that require a confirmation for the consulate, etc.

No circumstance not included in these conditions will in any case exempt the GUEST from paying.

The IGIC (Canary Indirect General Tax) is included in the final price of the reservation. Any other fee or tax due at the time of the agreement or use of the services will be paid at ITER Bioclimatic Houses.

The responsibility of payment delays, incorrect bank details, invalid credit or debit cards, incorrect credit or debit card information or insufficient balance shall lie with the GUEST He /she will not be able to benefit from the return or refund of the advanced payment when it does not apply.

10. Payment Guarantee

Upon prior to the entry into the house, the GUEST will provide the number of his/her credit card as a payment guarantee of its obligations, authorizing ITER Bioclimatic Houses, to charge any amount that the GUEST may leave owing.

His/her credit card will be stored securely and confidentially, ITER Bioclimatic Houses comprises to keep the information supplied by the GUEST under the strictest secrecy.

11. Booking through third party websites
In the event that the service were to be contracted via an intermediary, ITER Bioclimatic Houses will not be responsible for any problem that may arise between the GUEST and the intermediary.
12. Exemption from responsibility and guarantees
ITER Bioclimatic Houses does not guarantee the accuracy, availability or continuity of website services, and excludes any responsibility for damages arising from or in connection with a lack of accuracy, availability or continuity of the website or its services. Nonetheless, based on the means available, ITER Bioclimatic Houses will aim to provide technical assistance to any users affected by such lack of accuracy, availability or continuity, and as soon as possible, attempt to rectify that lack of accuracy, availability or continuity by alternative means. ITER Bioclimatic Houses can, in no event, be held liable for any losses or damages whatsoever arising of the use of the website and booking system.
ITER SA is not responsible for ensuring the absence of any viruses or other elements contained in its content in that may cause changes in user software or hardware or website visitors and therefore denies all responsibility for damages that may arise from the above.
If ITER Bioclimatic Houses, despite acting with foresight and due diligence, could not provide the rooms hired for reasons that are not attributable to them and there were an inability to provide the services under the agreed conditions, ITER Bioclimatic Houses will replace the contracted service by another of similar characteristics in terms of category and quality. If in the replacement offered, the service is of a lower level or quality, ITER will offer the user the possibility to opt for the refund of the amount paid or the substitution. In case of selecting the substitution, the difference will be refunded to the GUEST.
In the event that the GUEST would like to make a claim or a suggestion, either he/she can go to the reception of the houses, or do so through the email address: casas.bioclimaticas@iter.es. Complaints will be dealt with whenever they are communicated within a maximum period of one week from the end of the stay.
13. Rules regarding passports, visas, customs, foreign currency and vaccination
ITER Bioclimatic Houses only offers housing rental services and is not informed about the details of your trip or your personal situation (e.g., nationality). For this reason, ITER Bioclimatic Houses cannot indicate the rules on passports, visas, customs, currencies or health; being the GUEST, the only responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules in this regard.
14. Data protection

You declare that before hiring our services you have read, understood and accepted our policy of data protection, which can be accessed at this link: https://casas.iter.es/booknow/en .

15. Questions of interpretation of this agreement.
In case of doubt in the interpretation of the contract the valid version is the worded in Spanish.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The Spanish Law governs these General Terms and Conditions for contracting. ITER S.A. and the users agree that any dispute, claim or other matter that may arise, with regard to its validity, execution, compliance or resolution, total or partial, waive rights to any other jurisdiction that may apply and will subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The disputes relating this agreement will be dealt with in the First Instance Court of the place of its location by the article 52 of the Civil Procedure law 1/2000, of 7 of January
The GUEST will pay all the legal costs and expenses as well of the fees of the Counsel Attorney and lawyer that ITER may need, in the event of the judicial issues that may arise from the interpretation or non-compliance of this agreement.


ITER – Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies S.A., establishes the following conditions, aiming to determine the criteria and conditions of use of the webpage https://casas.iter.es/en
Holder Data
Pursuant to the Law 34/2002, on Information Sharing and E-Commerce, ITER provides the necessary holder data of the herein website:
Identification and contact information
ITER – Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables S.A.
NIF: A38259115
Located in: Polígono Industrial de Granadilla, s/n. C.P. 38600 – Granadilla de Abona – Santa Cruz de Tenerife – España
Telephone: +34 922 747 758
Email: casas.bioclimaticas@iter.es
Registered office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Volume 699, page 28, page number TF/1.257, 1st inscription, on April 9, 1991, assigned Tax Identification Number A-38259115.
The person that accesses this website acquires the condition of user. With the access, use and enjoyment of this site the user accepts the conditions established in this paragraph, in the version published at the time of the accesses.
ITER reserves the right to modify the legal conditions at any time, as well as to make any technical or visual improvement it considers appropriate. In the event that such modifications would interfere with the privacy of the users, they will be warned in advance before these changes enter into effect.


The following privacy policy has been established by ITER – Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies S.A., -from now on ITER – in accordance to the requirements of information and transparency included in the UE 679/2016 General Regulation of Data Protection, from now on GRDP.
Therefore, and in order to ensure your right to data protection as user, visitor, applicant or guest of the Bioclimatic Houses, you are hereby informed that:
1. The responsible for the processing of the data gathered through the website, or by any other way used for the booking, use, visit or stay in the Bioclimatic Houses, is ITER – Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies S.A., located in Polígono Industrial de Granadilla, s/n. C.P. 38600 – Granadilla de Abona – Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain. ITER has at your disposal the contact details in the contact section of this website.

2. Data handling purposes. The data provided by any means put at your disposal, can be handled by ITER for the following purposes, where appropriate to:
a. Manage information requests and answer your questions.
b. Manage booking requests.
c. Send information about offers and promotions along with information regarding the project ITER Bioclimatic Houses.
d. Manage data quality surveys regarding the use and enjoyment, visit and lodging in the Bioclimatic Houses.
We treat your data on the legal basis of the consent of the person concerned, contained in article 6.1 of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GRDP). When you get in touch with us, send us inquiries, booking requests, or any other validated action, you expressly consent ITER to handle your personal data for the purposes described above.

3. Safekeeping. The amount of time ITER will keep the information will depend on the purpose it was provided for.
a. Information request and general inquiries. Personal data associated with general inquiries will be used only to answer the query and will be subsequently deleted. The elimination deadline will be 6 months from the last contact with the requesting user.
b. Booking and hiring. The information will be treated for the provision of service, and the fulfilment of ITER´s obligations. Then they will be kept pending legal deadlines in force, regarding the travelers data, tax and accounting data safekeeping.
c. Register in newsletters and advertising information. ITER will keep the user´s information until the user requests to unsubscribe from newsletter or information service.
d. Quality control and statistics. The data collected in the surveys, regarding assessments, consumption and physical patterns of the houses, will remain indefinitely, and will be included in the memories of the project. The personal data of the guests, who fill out these surveys, will be stored independently remaining blocked for use, up to 2 years, when they will be removed. Consumption and physical patterns of the houses are kept for scientific research purposes.

4. THIRD-PARTY INFORMATION: Now that it could happen that one person can make a group reservation, may they be family, friends or a professional relationship, we inform you that:
a. You can only provide information from third parties if you have their express consent.
b. By sending us third party information, you expressly confirm you have the consent mentioned above, or wither you have the legal capacity to express on their behalf the required consent.
c. All people who send us information should be aware of the content of this paragraph. You manifest that you have informed them about the content of this paragraph.
d. ITER will not be responsible if the person filling in the booking form does not comply with the above.

5. Registration form information.
a. The forms available require all the information needed to manage your inquiry, request or reservation; therefore, it is necessary for you to answer all the sections. If you do not do so, we will not be able to successfully meet your request.
b. Please avoid including sensitive or confidential information not required for the provision of our services.
c. ITER presumes the veracity of the information provided by the user, who will inform ITER of any change that may arise regarding the information given.

6. Providing personal information to third parties. The project ITER Bioclimatic Houses, must comply with the provisions of the Organic Law 5/2014 of April 4 of Private Security, Order INT/1922/2003 of registry and entry reports of travelers in hostelry establishments, for this reason the personal information of the guests will be transferred to the relevant authorities.

7. Inscripción de ficheros. All our files have been properly registered in the General Register of data protection of the Spanish Agency.

8. Data security. ITER has used the security, technical and organizational measures, necessary to maintain the security of personal data it manages, both of the users of this website and the project ITER Bioclimatic Houses. ITER especially carries out a continuous review of risk assessment, being proactive in updating systems and security measures.

9. Exercise of rights regarding the data protection:
a. Consent and revocation. The user may revoke the consent given at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the data processing during the previous consented period.
b. Access, correction, limitation, opposition and portability rights. The user and/or visitor may request the exercise of his/her rights of correction or suppression of his/her information, as well as to limit its use, or oppose to its treatment as well as to its portability in accordance with the formerly designated data protection rule.
You can exercise the rights mentioned above, by sending your request in writing, together with a copy of an identity card, valid in law. The request must be forwarded to ITER to the email address: lopd@iter.es , or to the contact address listed at the beginning of this document. You may want to use the forms available in the Spanish Agency of data protection, or ask for a copy via e-mail.

10. Complaint to the supervisory authority. If you consider that, either our data protection delegate or our company has not properly attended the exercise of your rights, you may register your complaint at the Spanish Agency of Data Protection or at the Control Authority of the State.
ITER is committed to respect for the right of personal data protection of its users, visitors and guests. For this reason, in the event of making any changes that may affect your rights, we will inform you prior to the change.


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b) The user will be responsible to the truth of the information provided.
c) The user will make licit use of the website and all of its contents.

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In any case, ITER disclaims liability associated with all those incidents that are beyond its control, or that may be deemed force majeure, such as cuts in the energy supply, telecommunication, natural disasters, unavailability of the network, external attacks, or not known vulnerabilities and for which despite the security measures ITER has not been able to act, among others.

The Spanish Law will govern.

Consumers and users: in case of dispute, the courts and tribunals that will know of the affair will be those established in the applicable legal rules: the domicile of the buyer or the place of the fulfilment of the obligation.

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