ITER – Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies S.A., establishes the following conditions, aiming to determine the criteria and conditions of use of the webpage

Holder Data
Pursuant to the Law 34/2002, on Information Sharing and E-Commerce, ITER provides the necessary holder data of the herein website:

Identification and contact information
ITER – Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables S.A.
NIF: A38259115
Located in: Polígono Industrial de Granadilla, s/n. C.P. 38600 – Granadilla de Abona – Santa Cruz de Tenerife – España
Telephone: +34 922 747 758
Registered office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Volume 699, page 28, page number TF/1.257, 1st inscription, on April 9, 1991, assigned Tax Identification Number A-38259115.

The person that accesses this website acquires the condition of user. With the access, use and enjoyment of this site the user accepts the conditions established in this paragraph, in the version published at the time of the accesses.

ITER reserves the right to modify the legal conditions at any time, as well as to make any technical or visual improvement it considers appropriate. In the event that such modifications would interfere with the privacy of the users, they will be warned in advance before these changes enter into effect.


The following privacy policy has been established by ITER – Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies S.A., -from now on ITER – in accordance to the requirements of information and transparency included in the UE 679/2016 General Regulation of Data Protection, from now on GRDP.
Therefore, and in order to ensure your right to data protection as user, visitor, applicant or guest of the Bioclimatic Houses, you are hereby informed that:

1. The responsible for the processing of the data gathered through the website, or by any other way used for the booking, use, visit or stay in the Bioclimatic Houses, is ITER – Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies S.A., located in Polígono Industrial de Granadilla, s/n. C.P. 38600 – Granadilla de Abona – Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain. ITER has at your disposal the contact details in the contact section of this website.

2. Data handling purposes. The data provided by any means put at your disposal, can be handled by ITER for the following purposes, where appropriate to:

a. Manage information requests and answer your questions.
b. Manage booking requests.
c. Send information about offers and promotions along with information regarding the project ITER Bioclimatic Houses.
d. Manage data quality surveys regarding the use and enjoyment, visit and lodging in the Bioclimatic Houses.

We treat your data on the legal basis of the consent of the person concerned, contained in article 6.1 of the General Regulation of Data Protection (GRDP). When you get in touch with us, send us inquiries, booking requests, or any other validated action, you expressly consent ITER to handle your personal data for the purposes described above.

3. Safekeeping. The amount of time ITER will keep the information will depend on the purpose it was provided for.

a. Information request and general inquiries. Personal data associated with general inquiries will be used only to answer the query and will be subsequently deleted. The elimination deadline will be 6 months from the last contact with the requesting user.
b. Booking and hiring. The information will be treated for the provision of service, and the fulfilment of ITER´s obligations. Then they will be kept pending legal deadlines in force, regarding the travelers data, tax and accounting data safekeeping.
c. Register in newsletters and advertising information. ITER will keep the user´s information until the user requests to unsubscribe from newsletter or information service.
d. Quality control and statistics. The data collected in the surveys, regarding assessments, consumption and physical patterns of the houses, will remain indefinitely, and will be included in the memories of the project. The personal data of the guests, who fill out these surveys, will be stored independently remaining blocked for use, up to 2 years, when they will be removed. Consumption and physical patterns of the houses are kept for scientific research purposes.

4. Third-party information: Now that it could happen that one person can make a group reservation, may they be family, friends or a professional relationship, we inform you that:

a. You can only provide information from third parties if you have their express consent.
b. By sending us third party information, you expressly confirm you have the consent mentioned above, or wither you have the legal capacity to express on their behalf the required consent.
c. All people who send us information should be aware of the content of this paragraph. You manifest that you have informed them about the content of this paragraph.
d. ITER will not be responsible if the person filling in the booking form does not comply with the above.

5. Registration form information.

a. The forms available require all the information needed to manage your inquiry, request or reservation; therefore, it is necessary for you to answer all the sections. If you do not do so, we will not be able to successfully meet your request.
b. Please avoid including sensitive or confidential information not required for the provision of our services.
c. ITER presumes the veracity of the information provided by the user, who will inform ITER of any change that may arise regarding the information given.

6. Providing personal information to third parties. The project ITER Bioclimatic Houses, must comply with the provisions of the Organic Law 5/2014 of April 4 of Private Security, Order INT/1922/2003 of registry and entry reports of travelers in hostelry establishments, for this reason the personal information of the guests will be transferred to the relevant authorities.

7. File Registration. All our files have been properly registered in the General Register of data protection of the Spanish Agency.

8. Data security. ITER has used the security, technical and organizational measures, necessary to maintain the security of personal data it manages, both of the users of this website and the project ITER Bioclimatic Houses. ITER especially carries out a continuous review of risk assessment, being proactive in updating systems and security measures.

9. Exercise of rights regarding the data protection:

a. Consent and revocation. The user may revoke the consent given at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the data processing during the previous consented period.
b. Access, correction, limitation, opposition and portability rights. The user and/or visitor may request the exercise of his/her rights of correction or suppression of his/her information, as well as to limit its use, or oppose to its treatment as well as to its portability in accordance with the formerly designated data protection rule.

You can exercise the rights mentioned above, by sending your request in writing, together with a copy of an identity card, valid in law. The request must be forwarded to ITER to the email address: , or to the contact address listed at the beginning of this document. You may want to use the forms available in the Spanish Agency of data protection, or ask for a copy via e-mail.

10. Complaint to the supervisory authority. If you consider that, either our data protection delegate or our company has not properly attended the exercise of your rights, you may register your complaint at the Spanish Agency of Data Protection or at the Control Authority of the State.

ITER is committed to respect for the right of personal data protection of its users, visitors and guests. For this reason, in the event of making any changes that may affect your rights, we will inform you prior to the change.

This website contains links to third party pages. These links provide additional information on the topics covered in our project; give more information about our services; include information on the ITER group, suppliers and trusted pages, and finally, to give direct access to ITER´s various social networks and platform services on the internet.

ITER manages and is responsible for the website and The links in your website have been chosen in good faith, taking due care, and under no circumstances will ITER be responsible for the content, offers or products and services that the user will find in the third party pages to which they redirect to.

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Technical cookies: These cookies are needed to correctly browse the web, as well as for the services we provide.

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The installation of these cookies does not require the authorization of the user, and should you have any cookie lock activated, you may experience come problems in our website.


All which is contained in the website: design, applications, graphic and multimedia content, publications in the blog, writing content of the different sections, web development, logos, brands, products, and any other item that can carry carry property, intellectual and industrial rights, mentioned or not in the previous list, without limitation, are the property of ITER, or third parties. Total or partial reproduction, copy, distribution, dissemination, transformation, marketing, or any other activity that undermined the rights of the owner of the website, or owners of the rights of intellectual or industrial property is not allowed. Users can only make private use of this website


By entering and making use of this website, the user implicitly accepts the following general conditions.

a) Intellectual property: the user may not use the information contained in the website, neither its design nor graphic content without the authorization of the holders of the web, or holders of intellectual and industrial property rights. Otherwise, he/she will be violating the intellectual and industrial property rights

a. The total or partial reproduction of the contents of the website is not allowed.
b. The use of ITER´s trade name, brand name, image, or logo is not allowed.
c. If you want to reproduce or use the publications of the blog, you shall require the consent of the owner of the website.

b) The user will be responsible to the truth of the information provided.
c) The user will make licit use of the website and all of its contents.


Data Protection: ITER, has established and implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the safety of the personal data supplied by the user. ITER is committed to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and permanent resilience of the treatment systems and services; as well as to exploit all possible means to restore the availability and access to personal data as quick as possible in case of physical or technical incident; keeping a verification, evaluation and regular assessment of the efficiency of the technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the treatment. All this, as indicated in the General regulations for data protection, “taking into account the state of technology, the implementations costs, the nature, scope, context and treatment purposes, as well as risks of likelihood and variable severity for the rights and freedoms of individuals”.

In any case, ITER disclaims liability associated with all those incidents that are beyond its control, or that may be deemed force majeure, such as cuts in the energy supply, telecommunication, natural disasters, unavailability of the network, external attacks, or not known vulnerabilities and for which despite the security measures ITER has not been able to act, among others.


The Spanish Law will govern.

Consumers and users: in case of dispute, the courts and tribunals that will know of the affair will be those established in the applicable legal rules: the domicile of the buyer or the place of the fulfilment of the obligation.

Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías
Renovables, S.A. (ITER, S.A.)
Polígono industrial de Granadilla, s/n
38600 - Granadilla de Abona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - España
+34 922 747 758
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